Centreon & Nagios Event Handler for APC 9210 PDU

The following script can be used as an event handler script for Centreon or Nagios. You may need to change the directory where the log files are stored depending upon your installation.
The script (and log file directory) must be owned by the same user that runs the centreon or nagios engine.
EVENT HANDLER SCRIPT (apc_pdu_9210_outlets.sh)

In Centreon or Nagios, call the command with the following variables in order: $HOSTSTATE$ $HOSTSTATETYPE$ $HOSTATTEMPT$ SNMPCommunity PDU_IPAddress Outlet_Number Outlet_State
The outlet state can be 1-On / 2-Off / 3-Reboot
Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 2.33.14 PM


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